One of the greatest challenges facing employers who are providing retirement benefits to their employees is the ongoing administration, compliance with special regulations and restrictions, and remaining current with the laws. This can be very confusing and time consuming.

R-Tech retirement plan administration services experience ranges from typical year-end compliance and administrative work to consultation on formation and/or changes in the structure of a benefit plan. We are knowledgeable about the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and stay current with ever-changing legislation affecting benefit plans.

With experience in tax planning, business consulting, and employee benefits, we look at your overall need and then work with you to devise a plan that will work for you to meet your benefit objectives as well as compliment your compensation philosophy. Because we have no investment products to sell, we provide objective, independent advice.

Whether your company is a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, professional corporation, partnership, closely-held corporation, S corporation, C corporation, or non-for-profit organization, you can benefit from R-Tech Consultants, Inc.

 :: Plan administration and implementation
We perform the following services in order to provide smooth and efficient plan operation, calculate employee eligibility and plan entry:
Maintain participant vested percentage records.
Process each payroll, allocating contributions and loan payments according to the participant's investment elections.
Process fund transfers in accordance with participant elections.
Determine eligibility for allocation of employer contributions and forfeitures.
Allocate employer and employee contributions.
Allocate plan earnings.
Allocate forfeitures, if applicable.
Distribution processing: Calculation of distribution amount, preparation of required distribution notices, release forms and IRS Form 1099-R.
Loan processing: Set up of loan accounts, preparation of promissory note and amortization schedule and tracking loan repayments.
Hardship withdrawal processing: Determination of hardship distribution amount and preparation of application forms.
Reconcile trust accounts.
Prepare customized participant statements.
Monitor participants who are required to receive age 70 distributions.
Defined benefit plan actuarial services and administration
Our professional staff has the expertise and up-to-date technology to provide the necessary actuarial and administrative assistance to manage your defined benefit plan:
Calculate employee eligibility and plan entry.
Maintain participant vested percentage records.
Determine eligibility to receive benefit accrual.
Prepare annual actuarial report and certification.
Actuarial determination of required employer contributions.
Preparation of individual benefit statements.
Distribution processing: Calculation of distribution amount, preparation of required distribution notices, release forms and IRS Form 1099-R.
Flexible benefit administration
We can help you design, communicate, implement and administer a Flexible Benefit Plan or Cafeteria Plan. We can assist you in the preparation of the plan document and summary plan description. We can develop and help you to implement the plan through employee communications strategies, including enrollment forms and employee meetings. We can also provide you administrative services, such as record keeping and IRS Reporting for the Welfare Benefit Plans.
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