The business environment is continually changing. Most business changes result in the need to re-assess retirement benefits. Our consultants understand the effects of change, provide solutions, and assist in implementation.

Our consulting services include:
Assistance in Plan design changes:
Assistance in Plan design changes:
Re-assessing retirement programs often lead to designing a new defined benefit retirement plan or re-designing an existing defined benefit plan. This may require legislative changes to have design changes. Our consultants can assist you with any necessary changes in your defined benefit plan.
Plan termination, mergers, amendments & acquisition:
Updating a retirement plan in the wake of a merger, acquisition, and spin-off or terminating a plan can be confusing and time consuming task. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to handle plan amendments, mergers, acquisition and terminations. We'll analyze your specific situation and recommend options that best meet your goals and objectives by:
· Working to help you determine which benefit options to keep
· Assessing the financial impact of each option
· Evaluating the hidden costs and opportunities while merging plans
Assist in IRS & DOL audits:
We will represent your company for an IRS or DOL audit and provide you advice and solutions related to IRS and DOL audits and handle all aspects of the audit, including all direct dealings with the IRS or DOL.
Finally, we also conduct special plan or participant benefit studies or projections which is needed by you for specific purpose.
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