Designing a successful retirement plan for your employees is much like designing a new home for your family. In planning a new home, you would certainly seek the advice of a professional to help you design and plan its construction. Hiring the right professional for the job is the first major step in the process."
When you plan a design for your new home, you’d obviously hire an experienced architect to make sure that the design is thought through carefully. The plan must be drawn in such a way that once your home is built it passes all of its mandatory building inspections. The professional must possess the knowledge with which he ensures that it doesn’t have any structural or design flaws, keeping in mind all other related factors.

R-Tech Consultants is an experienced retirement plan ‘Architect’, playing the role in designing your new retirement plan to perfection. Also, if you already have an existing plan that is just not right, for whatever reason, we can review it and propose those concepts needed to replace the hassles in your plan, along with any unnecessary expenses, with cost effective and efficient alternatives. In designing your new plan we will take into account:

Your employee demographics, their ages, their goals and their level of investment savvy
Your business industry and organizational structure
Your budget and financial interests
Your corporate or organizational human resources philosophy

We will build those protections into your plan or alarms that will keep your plan in compliance and avoid violating any governing rules.

Because R-Tech doesn't sell mutual funds or any securities nor provide any investment advice, when we help you design or re-design your plan, we will offer you a precise and unbiased consultation. Our plan design advice is never influenced by other conflicting profit centers such as commissions from the sale of securities or fees from investment advice.

In providing these full objectives, first quality plan design services, we will work closely with your investment advisor or securities broker. With your internal investment committee, we will implement and co-ordinate the compliance administration and record-keeping services that support those investment decisions made on behalf of your plan.

Plan design and implementation
Selecting, customizing and implementing a plan can be a complex process. Our professional staff will guide you through each step of the process that includes:
Reviewing the employer's controlled group and/or affiliated service group situation.
Desiging a plan tailored to meet the needs of the owners, employees and the business itself.
Reviewing the existing plan provisions and recommending changes to fully meet the employer's goals and objectives, if an existing plan is taken over.
Preparing plan documents as required by the IRS.
Preparing the request for an IRS determination letter, if applicable.
Preparing the Summary Plan Description that is required to be distributed to plan participants.
Preparing customized enrollment and administrative materials.
Conducting employee meetings to communicate the provisions of the plan.
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